Starting…before starting?

Do you really start something before you start whatever it is you doing? Once you’ve thought it through, again and again. After you’ve thought about all the different perspectives and possibilities, when the only thing left to do is the actual process of doing what you intend. Be it something with work, relationships, or family or even in mind. Will the outcome be the same if their is no premeditated prediction at all? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.  However, assuming thinking about a thing before hand does in fact make all the difference, what exactly is the driving power that changes it? The power of thought and intention or perhaps the sincerity of the thing you’re starting. Perhaps its a collective of all these things and more. But that also brings the  question of how to completely heighten your thought process all together. How to naturally think in the most positive way so the a person does just happen to be the ” driving force”  in making the desired outcome. Hopefully the answers and solutions become more clear and time and perspective change. As for now I suppose there’s only to things left to say; it’s hard telling not knowing, and as always, time will tell all.


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