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Happiness and vacation plus environment?

Its quite a fantastic thing being able to go and be somewhere or even some place and find happiness and relaxation. My vacation proved to be just that, however I can’t help but wonder why I needed to go miles and miles away, around lots of other people, and some where I’d never been to achieve those feelings of positive. A major change to actually feel happy.

I’m currently in a life long quest and it some ways even in an adventure to live, think, and put forward myself, to have a true and positive perspective.  Whether it be reading a book alone, or at concert around thousands of screaming people. I find it exceptionally interesting to think about all this with the idea or experience of vacation in mind.

The place that I usually find the most comfort in is the wilderness. Being in the mountains away from all the noise and light and headache of the city. Totally at peace with the simple fact of solitude and tranquility are now the biggest and most obvious changes in my environment, that give way to allowing the mind to slow, and the soul to be more receptive to life around me.
The smell of the water is the first thing I notice, next of course the utter and opulent beauty of the country in whole, but most predominantly the trees. Towering and standing like living statues paying homage to the vastness and astoundingly intricate planet that is their mother. The feeling is almost overwhelming to realize that we as humans are only a small simple part in the life of all we know and have yet to know.

Perhaps this is way once we have a significant change in our environment we have a significant change in our mind and mood. The only thing I didn’t was change my physical address if you will, to somewhere peaceful and sound. Opposed to a place crowded and polluted with noise people and mindlessness. Now, I can barely even think of such dullness. I seem to be absorbing and adoring
a magnificent fullness of being “away from it all.”

The trip as amazing, the weather was stellar, even the planning of events and being properly prepared was actually quite correct in being precisely what we needed. The constant reminder to me of all this was how incredibly happy we all were with almost no
effort in doing so, or creating such a positive and wholesome way of being. The admiration of such liveliness, had a gravity of immense relevance and I wanted to completely analyze everything. Of course I didn’t because I didn’t want to cease living in such a moment.

Now I have the time to reflect and wonder. Now I have the time to question and mediate my own thoughts on the matter. The one question that seems to come into conscious thought most is; why is it so hard to create and feel such relief and such a happy way of condoning myself in such positive ways. Even with seemingly boundless things to be happy about then. They are still there when I’m not, which I am aware of, but how can my environment be such a defining factor when I feel my mind and perspective should be the major determining matter. I feel like you can be literally anywhere doing anything and unless you’re happy in your heart and mind, nothing is going to make you happy. Yet, when you’re at work, or stuck in traffic or absolutely of course, doing something you don’t want to be doing, why is happiness as elusive as the kingdom of heaven in a mustard seed? Its most peculiar to me to find that even the harder I try, finding happiness or creating it, becomes harder the more I try to have it. Perhaps there too much mind involved, maybe its just the balance needed in life to have the good with the bad. Either way I can’t help but feel and realize that when it comes to creating or even allowing, a positive perspective or said happiness, environment seems to be the key to having such things. Is the height of happiness directly related to the perspective of environment? Hopefully soon all these questions and maybe more will be answered. As always, time will tell.




The beauty of imperfection

The beauty of an imperfection in my opinion best explained through that of nature. To understand better I first start by trying to grasp the true meaning of perfection and what it really means to me.

The perspective I hold in mind when I think of something being perfect is that its only perfect because it’s image, it’s gravity, and it’s meaningfulness relative to myself are pure and copacetic with the plight of simply being humbled by realizing the true beauty of a thing can in fact change, further, and better complete the knowledge of oneself . More so, the way a person and  feel and think about the world around them after such a feeling or observation has taken place.


The next thing I try to work into pondering is how in the perspective of nature almost anything can or in lots of ways is already perfect. Be it the balance, the infinite, the harmony, or the immense amount of life.  However, further thinking on the matter, is something imperfect or have perfection because it doesn’t last forever? Is the beauty of the perfection of nature more beautiful because it isn’t forever, or is the beauty in the fact that in most ways it is one of the few things on our planet that is potentially infinite?

To even try to conceive the idea of natures infinity is staggering enough but to include the idea of its perfection as well is daunting at most times and still leaves the question of perfection or imperfection.

For now it remains a matter of personal choice that is in correlation to the perspective of life a person chooses to have.  For now, for me, the boundless and omnipotent beauty that surrounds  myself in my everyday environment is inevitable to not notice. The total admiration of life and being all around me allows a fuller and more meaningful relationship with my mind and ever-changing perspective that gives me the opportunity to improve the life I lead as I know it.

Starting…before starting?

Do you really start something before you start whatever it is you doing? Once you’ve thought it through, again and again. After you’ve thought about all the different perspectives and possibilities, when the only thing left to do is the actual process of doing what you intend. Be it something with work, relationships, or family or even in mind. Will the outcome be the same if their is no premeditated prediction at all? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.  However, assuming thinking about a thing before hand does in fact make all the difference, what exactly is the driving power that changes it? The power of thought and intention or perhaps the sincerity of the thing you’re starting. Perhaps its a collective of all these things and more. But that also brings the  question of how to completely heighten your thought process all together. How to naturally think in the most positive way so the a person does just happen to be the ” driving force”  in making the desired outcome. Hopefully the answers and solutions become more clear and time and perspective change. As for now I suppose there’s only to things left to say; it’s hard telling not knowing, and as always, time will tell all.