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The beauty of imperfection

The beauty of an imperfection in my opinion best explained through that of nature. To understand better I first start by trying to grasp the true meaning of perfection and what it really means to me.

The perspective I hold in mind when I think of something being perfect is that its only perfect because it’s image, it’s gravity, and it’s meaningfulness relative to myself are pure and copacetic with the plight of simply being humbled by realizing the true beauty of a thing can in fact change, further, and better complete the knowledge of oneself . More so, the way a person and  feel and think about the world around them after such a feeling or observation has taken place.


The next thing I try to work into pondering is how in the perspective of nature almost anything can or in lots of ways is already perfect. Be it the balance, the infinite, the harmony, or the immense amount of life.  However, further thinking on the matter, is something imperfect or have perfection because it doesn’t last forever? Is the beauty of the perfection of nature more beautiful because it isn’t forever, or is the beauty in the fact that in most ways it is one of the few things on our planet that is potentially infinite?

To even try to conceive the idea of natures infinity is staggering enough but to include the idea of its perfection as well is daunting at most times and still leaves the question of perfection or imperfection.

For now it remains a matter of personal choice that is in correlation to the perspective of life a person chooses to have.  For now, for me, the boundless and omnipotent beauty that surrounds  myself in my everyday environment is inevitable to not notice. The total admiration of life and being all around me allows a fuller and more meaningful relationship with my mind and ever-changing perspective that gives me the opportunity to improve the life I lead as I know it.